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Poverty and Hunger in Canada

1.1 million kids in Canada live in poverty.  Many of them live in homes where there simply isn’t enough food to eat. Many factors contribute to poverty in Canada.  Many Canadians are simply one paycheque away from having to chose to buy food or pay the rent.

Fortunately, most people who experience poverty in Canada will only experience it for a short time (usually less than three years). But in the meantime, Show Kids You Care knows how important it is that kids have access to nutritious food in a safe environment each day. Show Kids You Care leads a national network of breakfast clubs, lunch programs, snack programs and summer meal programs.

Each week dedicated volunteers and program leaders ensure that 150,000 kids receive nutritious meals and snacks.  But more must be done. Join us as we partner together throughout the country to raise awareness of child poverty, build a national meal program for kids, and show kids YOU care.

Click here to donate and tell a kid you believe in them – that you care.  This could be one of the most meaningful and life-changing gifts you give this year.

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The Coalition for Healthy School Food

The Coalition for Healthy School Food, (which Show Kids You Care is a member of) facilitated by Food Secure Canada, is seeking a $1 billion investment phased in over 5 years by the federal government in a cost-shared model to create a universal healthy school food program.

Building on existing programs across the country, all schools will eventually serve a healthy meal or snack at little or no cost to students.

For more information on The Coalition for Healthy School Food click here.


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Show Kids You Care Challenges Conference Board of Canada to a Food Fight

Show Kids You Care challanges the Confrence boad of Canada’s Attendees at the 3rd Annual Food Summit to a FOOD FIGHT!  (They’re a great group of people to start a food fight with!) The reality is that kids who struggle to have access to nutritious food each day are in the middle of a very difficult FOOD FIGHT.

Many of the kids we serve feel they’ve been in the FOOD FIGHT for far too long. Will you join our FOOD FIGHT?  Be the captain, be the heavy hitter, be the quarter back.  Join the FOOD FIGHT and let kids know that you’re on their team.

Donations to our food fight can be made by clicking here

Program Highlights

Wolf Creek Academy, Lacombe AB

We are proud of our program partners throughout the country.  This week we are highlighting our partnership with Wolf Creek Academy.  Here is an excerpt from a recent report we received from our partners in Lacombe: One of our students recently gave us some feedback about our nutrition programs here at our school.  This is what he said,

I think the Food Programs make a huge impact on me.  I get insipred to cook for me and my mom when she gets too sick to cook for us.  I’ve learned to cook things like spaghetti – and I even know how to add healthy ingredients to it to make it even better for us.  I have leaned about portion control and making healthy eating choices.  The family dinner night we have at school is really important to me.  We get to eat at school with our families and show them what we’ve learned.  I really enjoy the meal time together.

We are proud to partner with volunteers at Wolf Creek Academy to help make a difference in their community, and in many others throughout Canada. Each week SKYC highlights the excellent work being done in communities throughout Canada and through our national network of program partners.

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In the News

Senator Eggleton tables motion to launch a National Nutrition Program for Children and Youth!

Click here to find out more.

Asking Provincial Ministers of Education help raise our voices!

SKYC Executive Director Kristy Taylor was interviewed by CBC about the work we are doing with the Coalition for Healthy School Food.

  • Listen here for the full interview (starts at 22:00 minutes).
  • Sasha McNicoll, Coalition for Healthy School Food Coordinator was also interviewed about the work we are involved with  Listen here for the interview.

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Show Kids You Care is an independent federally-registered non-profit organization serving communities throughout Canada.