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“Many familes have to choose between paying rent or buying food for thier families.”

Children receiving meals in school

Changes in Family Structure

Families experiencing separation and divorce often face incredible financial challenges for long periods of time.  Not only is the family experiencing emotional challenges, they also must deal with double the expenses for housing.  Very difficult decisions about how to prioritize the family’s needs must be made early in this process. Many families have to choose between paying rent somewhere, or buying other necessities for their families.  Social support agencies are able to help families through this difficult transition.  However, the income earning capacity for some single parents does not meet the financial needs of their family, and they face the harsh reality of poverty for many years.

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Temporary Unemployment or Underemployment

Seasonal workers often go through periods of off-time when their industry is slow or closed.  Many industries such as construction and fisheries have very limited control over their work schedules because of the seasonality of their work.  Some years they might be able to work more days than other years, which makes it difficult to forecast income. Seasonal workers and some people who work outside try to arrange for temporary employment during their off-season.  While this helps make up for possible shortfalls, it isn’t always possible to coordinate the part-time work requirements with their other seasonal work commitments.

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Changes in Health

Deteriorating mental health issues (addictions, depression, etc.) often impact a family’s ability to work in stable jobs.  Social support networks and medical help can assist families struggling with mental health issues to persevere through difficult times and make plans to help stabilize their future.

Sudden injury, illness, or loss of life can all threaten a family’s economic situation.  Being physically prevented from working because of illness or injury often requires a lengthy observation process, and tedious administrative procedures to be completed before alternative income or compensation can be provided to a family.  During this time it is possible for families to experience very difficult economic situations.


Children eating in school