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“Show Kids You Care leads a national network of meal programs for kids living in poverty.”

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Us: Show Kids You Care

Show Kids You Care leads a national network of meal programs for kids living in poverty and other difficult situations in Canada. The programs are run by teachers, community workers, parents and other volunteers who get up each morning to bring and serve nutritious breakfast, lunch and even after school snacks to hungry kids.

We raise money from compassionate Canadians and companies and help fund the cost of food and equipment needed to store and serve these meals. We also work to educate the public about child hunger issues and the need for a national meal program. Currently we partner with more than 700 programs across Canada feeding almost 150,000 children each and every week. Our goal is to increase that to 250,000 kids.

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Me: Kristy Taylor’s Story

When I was a kid my family went through a series of tragic events that made us temporarily experience poverty first-hand. As a kid I felt pretty hopeless as I imagined the weight of the world was on my shoulders. It was a scary and difficult time in my family history. The greatest things that helped me get through the tough times were the people who believed in me, and in my family. I think of those people as ‘my special angels’.

They generously let us sleep in their basements. They gave us money to buy winter boots. They dropped off hampers full of food (sometimes even really nice food – like huge bricks of cheese and fresh fruit). Their actions told us we were valuable – that things would get better – and that they believed in us.

Food banks weren’t available where we lived and school breakfast programs didn’t exist. So I told my teacher that I forgot my lunch – day after day – and I felt very alone. This personal experience is what inspires me to do what I do for hungry kids in communities all across Canada.

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You: Your Support

Hi Kristy, I’m happy for SKYC.  I’m sure it will keep growing.  I’m happy to be a part of it.  God bless you for what you are doing.  Best wishes” : Judi

Hi Kristy, From somebody who cares, I just want you to know that I hope the summer programs are going well.  SKY C is the main “cog in the wheel” and main force behind this movement and I’m glad it’s thriving” :. J. B.

Dear Show Kids You Care.  Please find enclosed my support for January through June.  When you talk with the government please convey my disgust at their lack for concern for the poor and in particular the children.  It is a disgrace that such a rich country has no programs in the school and communities to prevent such problems.  I hope that this small contribution will help.  God grant you great fortitude, courage, dogged determination and success in your worthwhile endeavours.  May many hands and purses come to your aid.  Yours very sincerely” : Janet


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