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Program Impact

Our Breakfast Basket Program is now part of the fabric of our school.  Students count on this.  While families in our school area work hard and take care to provide for their children, the reality is that many children are hungry by the time they arrive at school. 

Many of our students have a partial breakfast at home, and supplement with something from the Breakfast Basket.  For example, a student might have some toast at home and add cheese and fruit at school. 

For others, it is a matter of timing. Busses in our rural area start picking up children at 7:00 am.  They may have been dropped at a sitter’s even earlier.  There is quite a gap between breakfast and morning recess at 10:30.  The breakfast basket offers them a top-up.  Breakfast Basket snacks are there for everyone, so no-one feels uncomfortable taking what they need!


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